26-27.2.2021 World's Largest Ice Carousel, "SISU"

LIVE-stream 26.2 12.30EET - 19.00EET, 27.2 10.00EET - 20.00EET.

During the most furious corona outbreak three arctic cities, Alajärvi, Lappajärvi, Vimpeli and their stubborn Mayors have decided not give a inch without fighting. All aforesaid cities has been adapted during the Covid-19 epidemy and has decided that instead of virus, its the people in the end who will decide the future of our region. We are united, we will not step back, we will not fear!

Ice Carousel inventor Janne Käpylehto has built the world's largest ice carousel 4 times, but the record(225,58 meters) is now held by Chuck Zwilling from Minnesota, US. 'At Lappajärvi we can have more than 60cm of ice, so the cutting of the carousel will be huge task, even with the new cutting machine. The carousels greatness in size will be exceeded only by it's perfect roundness.', says inventor Käpylehto. All three cities are backing up this huge project and we will see three mayors and an inventor at the lake - cutting ice!

Mayor Vesa Koivunen (Alajärvi), Mayor Sami Alasara (Lappajärvi) and Mayor Sam Leijonanmieli (Vimpeli) has decided to display the regional force and energy by launching a veeeery "stereotypical" Arctic Mayor Meeting, including: the world longest arctic Mayors ski-march meeting (circa 80km march by skies around the largest Crater Lake of the Europe). During the ski-march Mayors will discuss various type of solutions to win the war against Covid-19 battle and also meet local citizens to enrich their understanding how local entrepreuneurs, families and people at overall are performing during the hard times.

After the ski march Mayors will sleep in a military tent on the worlds largest ice carousell and reflect their views and ideas from the ski-march "seminar" under the North Star and the Northern Lights. Not surpisingly, all Mayors will also have a "traditional" sauna meeting (very Finnish style) and discussion panel inside (ice made sauna, rotating!). To empower all ideas and the sharpness of the mind, Mayors: Vesa, Sami and Sam will perform some ice swimming in (near by zero degree water).

For a foreign person this Mayor meeting might sound lunatic. However, as Koreans call some of their activities Gangnam style but in Finland we call this "Arctic Style". This is our three cities and their Mayors way to show that we have energy, we have will to fight and we will never surrender. By using a very traditional Finnish way, we could sum up this with one word: "SISU" (No direct english translation available, means will to never surrender, will to fight furiously without giving a inch for free.)

Actual size of the ice carousel has not been decided yet. 'We will do well over 230 meters while sending greetings to US and Canada teams - you are welcome to visit Lappajärvi event, we will accomodate you at Hotel Kivitippu!', discloses Mayor Alasara.

There will also be the world's first ever rotating ice carving championships on top of the huge spinning ice disc(weight well over 30 000 000 kg). The championships is 27th arranged in Finland with 12 finnish master carvers. Competition is arranged by Jäälinna in co-operation with cities mentioned.

Ice carousels became a viral story after Janne built his first carousel in january 2017. Current plan is start the Record Ice carousel at noon 27.2.2020. Building the carousel starts around 22.2.2021. We welcome international media to cover this ludicrous story. Corona restrictions will be taken into consideration. 'Should the local restrictions get easier, we are ready to organize world's first rotating Finnish Baseball game', adds Sam Leijonanmieli, mayor of Vimpeli.


Contact information:

Sami Alasara, Mayor of Lappajärvi, sami.alasara@lappajarvi.fi, +358 44 369 9611
Sam Leijonanmieli, Mayor of Vimpeli, sam.leinonanmieli@vimpeli.fi, + 358 40 1373703
Vesa Koivunen, Mayor of Alajärvi, vesa.koivunen@alajarvi.fi, +358 44 2970213
Janne Käpylehto, Inventor, Chairman of the World Ice Carousel Association, janne.kapylehto@gmail.com, +358 45 3596945

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